Earn Cash Back Rewards on
gas fee

Hold Ethanol token and earn up to 100% cashback on each and every transaction on ethereum network. Ethanol make it painless paying for high transaction fees.

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What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is the fuel of ethereum transactions. Ethanol rewards you with up to 100% of your gas spent on each transaction forever in ethanol tokens only if you hold Ethanol tokens.

Get Cash Back rewards
on Eth gas fees

Get up to 100% cash back on your gas fees spent on each and every transaction if you hold ENOL token


You can always schedule transactions and set the fees accordingly. You can even schedule transactions when the fees is less.


No more spending fees on failed transactions. Guaranteed transactions help you make sure your transactions goes through or we give you your gas fees back.

How does it work


Earn Cashback, on each and every transaction

Ethanol will reward you cashback up to 100% on each transaction on ethereum network.


Scheduled Transactions

Make a transaction when fees is low or on a specific time. Send transactions whenever you want them to be sent


Guaranteed Transactions

Push guaranteed transactions and make sure it will reach. If it doesnt reach, we pay for your lost gas fees.

The Roadmap

  • 1.
    2nd Week Feb

    Avocado Update

  • 2.
    3rd Week FEB

    Launch of scheduled transactions.

  • 3.
    1st week March

    Contact book and transaction log

  • 4.
    2nd Week March

    Chrome and Mozilla Extension Launch

  • 5.
    2th Week March

    Testing & launching with bitcoin reward system.

Our Team

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    Rick Thibeault

    Marketing Advisor

    Marketing Mogul, Youtuber with over 5+ years in crypto. Also known as Crypto Rick, worked with over 100+ crypto projects in past 5 years.

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    Anupam Sharma

    Technical Advisor

    Serial Entrepreneur with over 10+ years in Cyber security and blockchain programming.

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    Pradeep Prajapat

    Full Stack Developer

    With more than 10+ years into client and server side programming. He have developed and worked with many Crypto projects

  • img

    Abdullah Zakariyya


    More than 3 years in solidity and Javascript development. Worked with more than 10+ Defi projects

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    Suleyman Ilhoss

    Smart Contract auditor

    IT- and Business-Consultant with a focus on Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Blockchain programming and auditing since 3 years