Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to recurring questions

  • 1. How many ENOL do you need to receive GAS CASHBACK?

    Just 1 Enol, but do remember to take tax into account. Also, at least 12 hours before the cashback becomes claimable.

    2. How much cashback can you receive?

    You can receive up to 100% cashback but cap of up to 4% of your ENOL value in USD.

    1 ENOL to 100 ENOL = 2.5% 100 ENOL - 200 ENOL = 3% 200 ENOL - 300 ENOL = 3.5% 300 ENOL - 350 ENOL = 4%

    3. Can i stake in vaults?

    Vaults are closed right now

    3. When can i unstake on vaults?

    Vaults Unstaking starts from 18th Feb

    4. How often can i claim my rewards?

    Every 3 days.

    5. When do the day reset?

    1 am NewYork Time or 06:00 UTC time

    6. Why do i not see my reward in claimable?

    Depending on the ETH network, it takes time to verify and sent reward from upcoming cashback to claimable cash back. So do be patience, not to worry, you will receive all the cashback you deserve. Please wait for 4 hours before rewards become claimable.

    7. What transaction are eligible for cashback?

    Self transaction, cancellation and normal transaction. As long you are you using the wallet that holds the ENOL token to initiate the transaction.